Getting Started

When first opening the software you can either enter the evaluation mode by clicking on the Evaluate Shareware button, you can paste in a Registration Code, or you can use the Retrieve License tab to enter your credentials for the Registered Users area of our website to retrieve your license.

Configuring Options

From the main screen click Configure Options to adjust settings. A few of the options only relate to archiving email from Outlook. Those items are marked with ** to indicate they apply only to Outlook. Options are organized into 2 tabs: General and Naming.

Backing Up Email Items

The only requirements to begin using the software to backup email items is to select the email folders to backup and the backup location to store the email items.

Additional Interface Items

Other tasks that can be performed from the main screen are:

  • Selection Criteria - By default all email items will be backed up. However, the Selection option allows you to refine which items will be backed up. For example, you can backup items that are older than or newer than a specific date, items that contain specific text in the subject, come from a specific sender, etc.

  • Calculate Statistics - Use this option to see details about the number of items that will be backed up based on the current Selection Criteria. This option only reports on the items to be backed up, but does not perform any exports.

  • Begin Email Backup - Use this option to backup the selected email folders to the selected backup location using the current selection criteria.

  • Backup Attachments - Use this option to save only the attachments from the email items in the selected folders. This option does not backup the email item itself, but saves any attachments in the email item.

  • Delete Email Items - Warning: there is no undo for this operation. If you choose to use this option the email items in the selected folders that match the current selection criteria will be deleted. Items are moved to the trash, but depending on your mail server configuration items could be permanently lost using this feature.