You may order online with a Credit Card using the links below.

Credit card orders are processed automatically. Once your payment has been verified you will receive a username and password for the Registered Users area of the website. From there you can view the details of your software license which contains the necessary registration information to activate the software.


WN MailKeeper Enterprise Edition
Price is US$400 per company location*, no additional per-user licenses required.
This includes **1 year of support and product updates.
NOTE: Certain non-profit charitable organizations may qualify for discount pricing. Please contact us via e-mail for further details.


WN MailKeeper Personal Edition
Price is US$50 for this single user license for personal, non-corporate use***.
This includes 1 year of support and product updates.


* Licensing of the software allows for unlimited use within one company location. A company location is considered to be within a 1 mile radius from the address the software is registered to. Companies with multiple locations will need to purchase a license for each location the software will be used at.

** Support available only by e-mail, no phone support available. After your year has expired you will have the option to purchase additional yearly maintenance agreements. The price for renewal is 50% of the current selling price at the time of renewal.

*** WN MailKeeper Personal Edition is for personal use only, not for corporate use. Corporate customers must use the Enterprise Edition of the software. WN MailKeeper Personal Edition is for home user use only. It cannot backup information from an Exchange Mailbox or from Public Folders. It will only backup information from a Personal Folders File. To backup Exchange Mailboxes or Public Folders you must purchase the Enterprise Edition of WN MailKeeper. Also, there is no renewal pricing on our Personal Edition software. After your year of software updates has expired you would need to purchase another copy of the software to receive updates. There is no option for a 50% maintenance renewal on our Personal Edition software.

Volume pricing discounts are available for large orders. Please contact us for details.

You may also order by invoice, business check, personal check, cashier's check or money order. contact us for details.

Refund Policy

Since the WN MailKeeper software is offered as a shareware evaluation version there are no refunds or returns available.