AD Import Tool

If you make use of the Active Directory import tools in WN Help Desk to automatically import your AD user accounts into WN Help Desk you will want to start using this new command-line import tool. While you can still use the AD Import features directly within WN Help Desk, this command-line tool is a much better option for importing your user accounts from Active Directory as the tool can be scheduled to run on a regular basis using the Windows Task Scheduler so that your WN Help Desk user accounts will be kept in sync with your Active Directory information. This tool can be run on any computer that can access the WN Help Desk SQL Server database. Settings for the import are still managed within the WN Help Desk application by logging in as the TBD user and selecting Edit Settings from the TBD Options menu.

The AD Import Tool requires some basic settings to use. These settings can either be made in the included appsettings.json file, or can be passed as command-line arguments. The only required setting is the DatabaseConnection setting, which is the connection string for the WN Help Desk SQL Server database. All other settings will use their defaults as noted in the appsettings.json file. If you wish to pass the settings as command-line arguments that can be done as follows:

ADImport.exe -DatabaseConnection "Server=(local);Database=wnHelpDesk;User Id=sa;Password=saPassword;" -LogToFolder "C:\Path\To\Logs\Folder" -VerboseLogging true -LogInterval A

The LogInterval options are as follows:

D - daily log file
M - monthly log file
Y - yearly log file
A - all logs always kept in a single file
U - unique log file each time tool runs

Download the AD Import tool (3.97 MB)