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How can I generate custom reports on the data in WN Help Desk?

You can use any third-party application that can generate reports from an ODBC System DSN data source. For example, you can create reports in Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, or Microsoft Excel. Below is an example of how to create data reports in Excel by querying the data using the Microsoft Query tool. The example steps are given using Excel 2000:

  • Create an ODBC System DSN connection to connect to your database
  • Open Microsoft Excel and select Data, Get External Data, New Database Query
  • From the list of Databases select the System DSN name that you created in the first step then click OK
  • Select the table names and/or columns that you wish to add to the query. In this example, select HelpRequests and UserNames then click Next
  • Select any filters for your data. In this example, select the CallTaken column, choose "is greater than" in the first drop-down list and select or enter a date value in the next drop-down list of "1999-01-01 00:00:00". Then, click the And options and enter "is less than" in the first drop-down list and enter a date value in the next drop-down list of "2000-01-01 00:00:00". Then, click the Next button.
  • Select any sort fields. In this example select "CallTaken" in the first drop-down box and choose the Ascending option. Then, select "TimeStamp" in the next drop-down list and choose the Ascending option. Click the next button.
  • In the "What would you like to do next?" screen select "Return Data to Microsoft Excel" and click Finish.
  • When prompted "Where do you want to put the data" select your begining cell and click OK.
  • The data will then be imported into Excel in the order you specified. In this example you would see any tickets for the 1999 calendar year sorted by the date and time the ticket was created.
  • You could then remove any unwanted fields, make any necessary calculations (such as average turn-time on closing a ticket), and create a graph of the performance directly within Excel.

Are there any plans for new versions?

We are always open to suggestions for new features. We will try to add any feature that is requested, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to add all requested features. It is not our goal to compete directly with some of the larger, expensive, help desk companies in the market. Therefore, there are always going to be features that they have that we cannot add.

Do you have a version available for any languages besides English?

WN Help Desk stores all language tags for the application in the backend database. You can customize any of the text within the application to suit your needs by either modifying the English tags to better describe your environment, or by completely translating the language tags into another language.

What documentation is available for WN Help Desk

Prior to version 12.0 the application comes with a Support.pdf documentation file as part of the download to assist with all aspects of configuring the software. As of version 12.0 the configuration is now done entirely within the application. During the intial setup you will setup the connection to your backend database, if it does not already exist it will be created automatically, you will configure a password for the built-in TBD admin account, and you will be able to change any application language labels and settings once logged in as the TBD user.