Version History

13.0.0 Preview 1 - 1/20/2020 This is a complete, ground-up rewrite of WN Help Desk using Microsoft's new Blazor WASM (WebAssembly) technology. This allows for applications to be written entirely in C# and run natively on any browser that supports WebAssembly. This includes all modern web browsers including Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome (including on Android), and Safari (including on iOS). However, this means we no longer support running WN Help Desk on Microsoft Internet Explorer, as it does not support WebAssembly.

With the release of WN Help Desk 13 we have also now released a stand-alone command-line Active Directory Import tool and a NuGet package for consuming the WN Help Desk RESTful WebAPI endpoints. See the product pages for more details about these new products which are included at no additional charge.

Many extensive database schema changes have been made for this new release, so WN Help Desk 13 is not backwards-compatible with previous versions. So, while evaluating the application use a COPY of your current production data.

12.0.2 - 1/1/2020 Fixed issues caused when trying to send emails when the user did not have an email address.

Added a fix to make the Active Directory Auto-Import run. This will be triggered from the Tech menu as long as a tech is logged in and on that interface. The next major release will include an external import application that can be scheduled to run at your desired interval using an external process such as the windows Task Scheduler.

Fixed the label for View and Edit Priority listing in the Database Options.

Fixed an issue with the email address not correctly importing from Active Directory when using the ADImport option.

12.0.1 - 11/27/2019 Fixed a problem when trying to send an email using the "Send a status email to this user" button or clicking the email icon on an assignment when the email address was null. This is now being checked to make sure the email address has a valid value.

Added a fix to make the Active Directory Auto-Import run. This will be triggered from the Tech menu as long as a tech is logged in and on that interface. The next major release will include an external import application that can be scheduled to run at your desired interval using an external process such as the windows Task Scheduler.

Fixed the label for View and Edit Priority listing in the Database Options.

Fixed an issue with AD logins being prompted to update their password after logging in.

For AD logins now notifying users if their AD account is disabled with a message to contact the Network Administrator.

Fixed an issue with the link to the ticket not being correctly included on emails.

12.0 - 1/1/2016 A complete re-write of the application using the latest in web technologies. WN Help Desk Web is built in C# on the .NET Framework version 4.51. The core of the application is now a collection of RESTful web services. Our entire application (with the exception of the login page, the registration details page, and a few TBD admin pages) is written consuming these web services. This means you can easily write your own solutions against these same standards-based RESTful web services to add your own customizations. In fact, you could use our web services engine and backend database and build your own custom solution on top of that if you choose. To see the details about all the web services that are available log in as the TBD user and select the "RESTful Web Api Documentation" option from the TBD Options menu.

One major change with this complete rewrite is that we now no longer offer an option of using an Access backend database. We now only support a Microsoft SQL Server backend database. This was required to make use of the latest technologies for data access. That means there is no longer a Standard and Enterprise edition. Instead, you can now purchase only what you need by purchasing a license for the amount of help desk technicians and end users you wish to use. Our goal is to make this very affordable for small companies, while allowing larger companies to grow the size of their support staff and end users as needed.

WN Help Desk Web 12.0 makes use of the following web technologies:

  • Microsoft .NET MVC framework written in C# using the .NET 4.51 framework.
  • jQuery as the javascript library and jQuery UI is used for the datepicker control and a few user interface features.
  • Bootstrap is now used for the responsive layout and for more rich user controls and a better user interface.
  • Typescript is used for building our strongly-typed javascript libraries for the user interface.
  • Knockout.js is used for MVVM data-binding.
  • SignalR is used to send messages from the server to connected clients. This allows multiple people to work on the same ticket while still being notified of changes made by other users. For instance, you could be working on a ticket and an end user can upload a new file or add a new comment and you will see that information refresh as you are working.

In addition to a newly-redesigned backend database, there are some great new enhancements that make WN Help Desk Web a more robust help desk solution. For instance, you can now create an unlimited amount of "Custom Field" layouts using our GUI custom field layout builder (available from the TBD Options menu) to create custom field options for users, assets, and help requests. For example, you can create custom forms to collect specific types of requests such as a "user access" set of custom fields for requesting access to network resources, or a "new employee" set of custom fields for specific questions you may wish to ask when a new employee account is requested. This new custom fields option should make the software endlessly customizable for your environment and your various request needs.

We have also moved to a new Data Migration framework behind the scenes, so this will be the last version of WN Help Desk Web that will require an SQL Setup Script for updates and a DataConverter to migrate changes. In fact, you can create an empty SQL Server database, point the WNHelpDesk connection string in the Web.config file to that new empty database, and WN Help Desk Web will build the entire database structure for you when you start the application. This will allow us to add features in the future without the hassle of manually updating your database and running a DataConverter.

We have made every effort to keep the familiar layout of the software you already know, but using the latest technologies these interfaces are now much more powerful than before.

One other major difference from previous versions is that you now no longer need to specify a file upload location. All files are now stored directly in the SQL Server, which makes for better performance and simpler management, as well as an easier configuration.

11.0.1 - 1/1/2013 Fixed a problem in the Browse KnowledgeBase interface that was not correctly loading the ticket when clicking on the View Ticket Details option.

Fixed a problem with adding and editing journal items in the mobile interface.

11.0 - 11/24/2012 Added an option to use the 4 custom fields available on a help request as a select list in addition to the previous single and multi-line options.

Replaced the autogrow jquery plugin with elastic, as it pre-grows textareas that already have content, which autogrow didn't do.

Updated jqueryui to version 1.9, which now has built-in tooltip support which allowed the removal of a tooltip jquery plugin.

When verifying a query that includes a prompt for a date the verification would fail. Now, the prompt will be replaced by a date and verify as long as the word "date" is somewhere in the prompt text. For example, you can enter {prompt:Enter a From Date} or {prompt:Enter a Date Here}, etc.

Much of the layout of the interface has been changed. The new changes are all controlled by style definitions in the style.css file and can easily be modified to suit the look and feel of your site. The new dialog-style title headers get their styling from the jqueryui style, so if you wish to change that look, as well as the look of buttons and popup jqueryui messages, you can modify the jqueryui style to suit your needs. Visit for more information and to use their online theme generator. The current jqueryui theme is the "Smoothness" theme. See the link in the jquery-ui.custom.css file to modify the theme. Many of the old color options that were specified in the settings under the TBD Options menu have been removed and moved to the style.css file. Some examples are ColorForOpenTickets, ColorForClosedTickets, ColorForOverdueTickets, ButtonTextColor, MandatoryFieldColor, MandatoryFieldFontColor, MenuFont, MenuFontSize, WarningTextColor, HelpFile, and LogoAlign. So, if you had customized some of the look of the software to match your site you will need to make those changes in the style.css file now.

The stylesheet is now stored in the database and specified in the Edit Settings area under the TBD Options menu. There are 3 stylesheets included with this release, and you can add your own as well. The selection list will find any CSS files in the application root and include them in the selection list.

A new feature that has been in the works for some time is now included in this release... a mobile interface. Access the "mobile.asp" file to use this new interface. At this time a technician can lookup user information and view their current open tickets. When viewing a ticket you can update the basic ticket information, create new assignments, edit assignments, create new journal entries, and edit journal entries. More features may be added to this interface in the future, but this should give technicians the basic functionality needed in a mobile version of the application.

Combined more of the common functionality that was split into multiple resource files into single resource files to make managing the application code and distributing updates easier.

Made many enhancements to the application startup process to try and catch as many possible setup errors as possible. Specifically, if the backend database has not been properly configured yet, or if there is an issue with the connection to the database, those scenarios are now handled much better. Also, if the server has restarted or lost the application session settings, this should now be detected better so you should not see the "language tag not found" scenario.

10.1.1 - 10/6/2012 Updated to jQuery 1.8.2 and jQuery UI 1.8.24.

Fixed an issue with missing language tags in the New Link window.

Fixed a problem with the email link icons in the Ticket Details view.

Fixed a problem that was preventing the email icon next to the tech assignment listing from generating an email to the tech.

When clicking on the lookup icon to 'View All Users' in a user lookup field, focus is now automatically set back to the text field so you can still type to autocomplete or press Esc to close the dialog.

10.1 - 6/7/2012 Updated to jQuery 1.7.2 and jQuery UI 1.8.21.

The new main menu buttons are now properly disabled when certain features are not enabled for a technician, such as the ability to create new tickets, browse the knowledgebase, manage the database options, etc.

When looking up users you can now click the magnifying glass to show the entire user list without having to type a partial name into the lookup field.

Users that are flagged with the "User Does Not Appear in Employee Directory" option now no longer show up in the user lookup boxes. The only place they show up now is in the lookup box on the "View & Edit User Information" form for managing user accounts. All other lookup boxes only show users that don't have that checkbox selected.

Added a new setting LogIPAddressOnNewTickets which will automatically include the IP address of the computer when a new ticket is created in the User interface by including the details in the journal entry that is created. For this to also be included in the Tech interface make sure the AutoJournalEntryForNewTickets setting is set to TRUE.

Added a new setting called SendEmailOnCloseToTech. When the setting SendEmailOnClose is set to TRUE a message is generated to send to the user when closing a ticket in the Tech interface. Previously, this also included the tech's email on this message. Now, that is not the case by default. If you still want to include a message to the tech set SendEmailOnCloseToTech to TRUE.

Enhanced the Edit Query interface and removed some of the old verification code, especially relating to queries that had prompted info, and now the queries can be verified without having to fill in the prompts.

Enhanced the functions that prompt for information when running a query with prompts so that all prompts are now collected at once, instead of having to separately prompt for one item at a time on a page.

Fixed an error caused when a tech without the "Allow Tech to Modify Call Taken" permission tried to resolve the last open assignment on a ticket.

10.0.5 - 2/1/2011 Changed the way the jQuery tooltips are being created as the previous method was causing script delays that would occasionally bring up a script message in Internet Explorer. The new method is much quicker and improves overall page loads.

Updated to jQuery 1.5 and jQueryUI 1.8.9.

10.0.4 - 11/11/2010 Fixed a problem with the new journal entry form that caused the save button to render incorrectly.

Add a new TBD option setting called AutoJournalEntryForNewTickets that allows you to turn the option on and off that creates a new journal entry automatically when tickets are created in the Tech interface. This is the journal entry that states "Ticket Created by TECHNAME - DATE and TIME".

Updated to jQuery 1.4.3 and jQueryUI 1.8.6.

10.0.3 - 9/24/2010 Fixed a problem with file uploads caused by the new authentication routines introduced in the previous version.

Corrected login issues when authenticating against Active Directory.

Fixed a problem with some date and time field displays when using an SQL Server backend database.

Updated the form requiring a blank password to be set during login to the new style form to match the new login and startup styles.

Added the ability back into the Database option of editing the Priority Ratings to be able to specify the Hours Til Due for a specific priority.

Updated to the latest version of jQuery and the jQuery UI. This allowed the replacement of all the previous custom buttons to be done with the new jQuery UI .button function. Also, the old jQuery autocomplete fields were updated to the new autocomplete function in the jQuery UI.

Replaced all custom popup dialogs with the new jQuery UI dialog function.

All styling for the jQuery elements can now be personalized using the ThemeRoller on their website at Just replace the "custom-theme" folder found in the "inc/jquery/" folder. Since version numbers might change, make sure to rename the css file to "jquery-ui.css". The jQuery UI theme affects the look of all buttons, dialogs, and autocomplete items. This will easily allow you to customize the look of the jQuery UI elements to match the look of your site.

10.0.2 - 7/1/2009 Corrected a problem with the KnowledgeBase list not sorting alphabetically for SQL Server installations.

Corrected a formatting issue with the New Request page causing the table to appear on the left instead of being centered.

Corrected an error caused after closing and opening the browser when using the option to remember the username and password.

10.0.1 - 5/11/2009 Corrected a problem with the layout that was making the email HTML message form not show up correctly in some browsers.

10.0 - 5/4/2009 Fixed a problem with the Tech.asp page when posting tickets that caused the page to appear to hang at a blank page.

Many pages had failed to include a new javascript reference for window manipulation, which caused various errors when code was attempting to position windows. The reference has now been included to correct this situation.

The tech menu ticket counts are now refreshed via ajax, so the page no longer reloads at the refresh interval specified in TechMenuRefreshSeconds. Instead, that is now the interval for how often the ajax lookup occurs.

Moved to the jquery framework for javascript manipulation and ajax support.

Updated the menu controls to add support for Google Chrome.

Updated the user lookup fields to encorporate all lookups for first, last, phone, and location into a new single ajax lookup.

Updated the calendar control as part of the new jquery javascript framework.

If a session times out and you have selected the option to remember your username and password the session should be restored silently now without any user notice. This should allow you to stay logged in and working on whatever task without having to worry about your session timing out while you are working within the software. Also, there is no annoying popup in this case when the session has timed out.

Completely rewrote the Database interface making it much easier to manage backend database information for Problem Items, Solutions, Operating Systems, Levels of Proficiency, Admins, Priorities, and Org Codes.

Settings for background image and other style elements have been moved to a universal CSS stylesheet in the root of the application folder named style.css. To change application colors, background color, etc., make the changes to the appropriate styles in that file.

Many of the textarea fields now use an autogrow control to expand as the content grows.

Moved more of the style control to the style.css file instead of the backend database.

The "reassign user" option on a ticket now uses an AJAX user lookup, instead of redirecting to another page for the lookup. Only after a change is made is the page updated.

9.2.1 - 7/4/2007 Fixed a problem with the Tech.asp page when posting tickets that caused the page to appear to hang at a blank page.

Many pages had failed to include a new javascript reference for window manipulation, which caused various errors when code was attempting to position windows. The reference has now been included to correct this situation.

9.2 - 7/1/2007 Fixed a problem with the AD import that was limiting records returned from AD to 1000 records, which is a built-in limit for AD when querying against the directory. Put a workaround in place to find all records.

Also fixed an AD import issue when the AD import updates the EmployeeNumber field to match the Windows login name, the code now fixes historical data and updates the EmployeeNumber field in related tables.

Fixed a problem with the AJAX-based name lookup controls that was returning the username instead of the unique employeenumber field.

Fixed a sorting issue with the asset list on the ticket interfaces. The list now correctly sorts by AssetID.

Fixed an issue on the User New Request form when the AllowUsersToReportTicketsFor option is set to "self" that caused a javascript error. This has now been corrected, and the check username and clear username buttons are now also hidden when this option is set to "self".

The KnowledgeBase now uses an AJAX-based tree menu so that only the top-level categories are loadeed when the page loads. Expanding a category now dynamically loads the information in that category. This should greatly increase performance for sites that use a large KnowledgeBase.

The "Edit Settings" fields for ActiveDirectoryBlockOUs and ActiveDirectoryLimitOUs have been extended in size to accomodate large amounts of text. Previously, these fields were limited to 255 characters.

Fixed the labels on the detail screen in the KnowledgeBase interface. The text labels did not exactly match the labels being used in the regular ticket detail screen.

Added some filename checking to the file upload routine to remove bad filesystem characters from filenames.

Fixed the "edit assignments" form so that users other than the tbd user can edit assignments if they have the permission to edit other tech's assignments.

9.1 - 1/26/2007 Fixed a problem with resolving a ticket immediately after opening the ticket. If you had opened a new ticket and then from the ticket details screen resolved the only open assignment on the ticket you would have received a database error message. This has been corrected so that you can now resolve a ticket immediately after opening it.

Fixed a problem with the login form not displaying correctly if you had the ActiveDirectoryIntegration setting set to True and also had the UseNTLoginAuthentication setting set to True. Since ActiveDirectoryIntegration performs the authentication the software now just considers UseNTLoginAuthentication as always False if ActiveDirectoryIntegration is True.

Added ajax-based lookups for the username fields on new ticket creation, user re-assignment for a ticket, and user lookups in the edit user information screen. You can now type a partial first name, last name, phone number, or location to lookup users using an ajax lookup.

Added an AD import option to import only the specified OUs. This can now be set by logging in as the TBD user, selecting Edit Settings from the TBD Options menu, then specifying the values in the ActiveDirectoryLimitOUs field.

Updated the dhtml menu controls to a newer version. This allowed for the adding of the option of dynamically disabling buttons. This is used to prevent multiple form submissions when submitting forms, such as when saving a ticket, saving user details, sending an e-mail, etc.

Fixed the send mail form to use the SendEMail custom language tag, instead of the hardcoded English "Send".

The MailHelpDeskAccountOnTicketCreationSubject and MailUserOnTicketCreationSubject language variables can now use three optional variables: , , and . This are useful for including additional information in the subject line of the e-mail message that is sent to the help desk account when a new ticket is created in the user interface.

The popup window for selecting a new timezone now automatically closes after making the selection to remove any confusion about whether the setting change was actually made.

Added the ability for user information to be updated in Active Directory when making changes to user information that is imported from AD. To turn this option on login as the TBD user and select Edit Settings from the TBD Options menu and set the ActiveDirectoryTwoWayUpdates option to TRUE.

File uploads now no longer require a component to be installed on the IIS computer, thanks to some free upload code by

9.0 - 9/13/2006 Active Directory integration. WN Help Desk Web can now import information from Active Directory. The import will create OrgCodes for all OUs found in Active Directory and will import or update user account information from Active Directory. To set these options login as the TBD User and select Edit Settings from the TBD Options menu. You will either need to configure IIS to run under a domain account that has permission to perform LDAP queries, or you will need to modify your server to allow anonymous LDAP access. Also, if the server is not running under a domain account you will need to specify a username and password for performing LDAP queries. By far, the easiest solution is to make sure the website is running using an account that has permission to perform the lookups. You can then manually import the information from Active Directory using the option under the TBD Options menu and/or you can specify a refresh interval to have WN Help Desk Web automatically perform the import at a specified interval. When using the Active Directory integration option a new login scheme will be used that will perform a browser-based authentication against Active Directory. This setting overrides the UseNTAuthentication option.

Fixed a problem with the calendar control not correctly returning dates in non-IE browsers.

Fixed a layout problem in Safari and Firefox.

Adjusted the floating properties of the menus so they don't take so long to reposition themselves on the page, especially noticable on long pages.

Fixed a problem with the URL to view the ticket details that is generated in an e-mail message to the user.

Fixed a problem with the UseNTAuthentication option not working.

Fixed problems in the KnowledgeBase with items that contain single (') or double (") quotes in the Problem Category.

Fixed a problem that was preventing maintenance on an Access MDB file as the application was maintaining a constant lock on the file. The application now releases the lock on the MDB file when the database is not in use.

Upgraded the e-mail HTML editor to a new editor (tinyMCE) that supports all modern browsers unlike the old editor that only worked in IE on a PC.

8.6.1 - 2/11/2006 Fixed a problem with query performance. Query results should now display much quicker than in 8.6.

Fixed a problem in the KnowledgeBase caused by items that contain a quote in the problem item field.

When viewing the Custom Query screen and selecting the option to run a query, the window now shifts focus back to the main window which contains the query results.

Fixed a problem on the menu causing the menu to not display when a custom query name contained a single quote.

Fixed a problem with the link for a technician e-mail not correctly finding the ticket when it is clicked.

Fixed a sizing issue on the new assignment window that was causing the calendar control to not fully display in the window.

Fixed a problem with the optional background image not displaying properly on all pages.

Removed the duplicate copy of the Manage Assets button from the main tech page.

Added a new option called RequireDueDatesOnAssignments which can now be set to False to not require the due date field to be completed to create a new assignment.

Moved the e-mail template files into the Settings table. The text-based and html-based e-mail templates can now be modified from within the interface from the Edit Settings option under the TBD Options menu. Changes are now immediate and do not require an application restart to reload the e-mail template as in previous versions.

When editing a ticket any changes to the ticket are now saved when adding/editing/deleting files, links, assignments, and journal entries. Previously, the page would simply be refreshed and the changes would have been lost if you had not manually saved before working with one of those item types.

Menus at the top of the page now float, removing the need for menus at the top and bottom of the page, as the menus are now always visible.

Added the ability to hide the KnowledgeBase from the login page by setting the ShowKnowledgeBaseOnLoginPage option to False.

Cleaned up the application directory moving the dhtml-menu and calendar controls into a new controls folder.

8.6 - 1/25/2006 A completely new layout. We have removed the Java menu system and replaced it with a cross-browser DHTML menu that has been tested under IE, Opera, and Mozilla on the PC; as well as IE and Safari on the Mac.

The new layout is all stored in a single file called Layout.asp, which can easily be modified to rearrange the layout of WN Help Desk Web to your liking. This requires some knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and VBScript, but most users with some HTML experience will be able to figure out the simple layout of the new Layout.asp page.

All user and tech pages have been combined into single ASP pages for performance and code-manageability reasons.

Corrected an error with the run query page that would cause custom queries with date ranges to not display correctly when resizing the page size or selecting a different page for the recordset. The information sent to the querystring is now encoded to prevent these types of errors when using special characters in a query (such as the # sign to define dates.)

If you are using the auto-usernumber feature by setting the varAutoUserNumbers to True in the Constant.asp file, then a user number will automatically be generated now from the "Create New Account" option from the login page.

Corrected a problem caused when uploading files which contain spaces in the filename.

Added the JournalEntries table to the Custom Query, so you can now search on info stored in journal entries.

Fixed a problem with the registration page that would keep looping to the login page stating that you must first login as the TBD user to update the registration. This has now been fixed and you must now enter the TBD password on the registration page if the TBD account already has a password set. This prevents users from changing the registration info without the TBD password.

Employee Directory now uses the text overflow attribute to show as much information as possible. More info will be shown as the window size is increased, while less is shown as the window size is made smaller.

Added the ability for users to add comments to a request once it is open. Any technicians with an active assignment on the request will receive an e-mail notifying them that the user has added a new comment to the request.

Added support for the more-recent MicrosoftSMTP mail option. The old version is now named MicrosoftSMTPOLD, as it is unlikely that is used much any more. The new MicrosoftSMTP option uses the newer "CDO.Message" option for sending mail whereas the MicrosoftSMTPOLD option uses the older "CDONTS" option for sending mail.

Added support for the ICEWARP mail control from

Fixed a problem with the KnowledgeBase not grouping items correctly when using the Search function.

When creating a new ticket if you have left the Reported By or Reported For user blank, the select user dialog will now automatically popup requesting that information.

Fixed a problem when running Open or Closed tickets for a user from the user details screen and then resorting the query based on one of the column headers would cause a no records found situation.

Replaced the Javascript popup window calendar with a new DHTML calendar that does not require a new window to open.

8.5.1 - 3/19/2004 Fixed the e-mail links in the ticket details assignments and journal sections to populate the TO address with the correct technician info

Fixed a problem with the "login error" screen which would keep sending you back to that screen if you have the "remember username and password" option set for a login and something had changed with the username or password.

Fixed a problem with the paged recordsets that would cause the query to reset to "All Tickets" when clicking one of the page number links.

Fixed a problem with the richedit mail form that was causing the address fields to reset to the defaults every time the main message body was clicked.

Fixed a problem that was causing the Operating System field in the Edit User Information form to not display correctly.

8.5 - 1/30/2004 Fixed the "Create New Account" feature from the login page as the new user account that was created was not getting the LevelOfProficiency set, which was preventing the new account from showing up in user lists.

On the RunQuery.asp page the link to edit user information for the reported by or reported for user is now disabled for the TBD and Ex-Employee users to prevent these built-in accounts from being modified.

The option to close and open ticket in the user interface now requires that the person viewing the ticket be either the Reported By or Reported For use. Previously, anyone that could view the ticket could close the ticket.

When using the Short Entry form in the Tech interface to create a new request the HoursTilDue feature on the priorities now sets the due date and due time for the ticket.

Renamed to Constant.asp, to Routines.asp, and to String.asp so these files can no longer be viewed in the browser by entering the filename in the URL.

The "Remember username and password on this computer" feature now works across login sessions. You will be kept logged on to the computer in question until you select the logout option, even if the browser is closed and re-opened.

The Run Query page now uses a paged recordset, so you can specify the number of records to display per page. This will greatly enhance the performance when dealing with large recordsets. The options for the selection list are specified in the Constant.asp file as varRecordsPerPageOptions, which is a comma-separated list of numbers to use in the selection list for the "records per page" option.

There are no longer subfolders for the Tech and User files. The "enable parent paths" security setting in IIS that is disabled by many security updates was causing problems for many customers, especially those hosting the software offsite with a third-party hosting company. This now prevents the software from using and path-referenced include files.

You can now specify the default priority to use for creating new tickets by setting the value of the varDefaultNewTicketPriority variable in the Constant.asp file. You specify the numerical value of the priority that you wish to use.

If varMailDefaultFromCanBeModified is set to true and the currently-logged-in technician has an e-mail address entered in their user profile, the from address will now default to the current technician's e-mail address.

When viewing ticket details and the printable view of the ticket details you can now view the 9 custom user fields along with the user information. These fields will only show if there is valid data in the field for the reported by or reported for user. To enable this new feature set the new varShowCustomUserFieldsInRequestView variable in the Constant.asp file to TRUE.

If the varRequireUserPasswords and varRequireTechPasswords options in the Constant.asp file are both set to False then the Password field will not appear on the login form.

The technician e-mail interface now includes a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) richtext editor for PC users running IE. This is done using the richtext control ( For other browsers the mail interface now includes an HTML preview if the application is configured for sending mail in the HTML format.

Custom Asset information is now displayed on the ticket details and printable view screens if there is information in any of the fields for the asset selected for the ticket.

Added an option to e-mail all technicians from within the application. This is always available for the TBD user, and can be enabled for all other technicians by setting varAllowAllTechnicianToUseTheEMailAllTechniciansFeature to True.

Added the ability for users and technicians to attach files to a ticket. The software supports the saFileUp control by SoftArtisans ( as well as the aspSmartUpload control by aspSmart (

Added the ability to hide the Change TimeZone option with a new variable in the Constant.asp file called varShowTimeZoneOption.

On long forms the buttons are now included at the bottom of the form, as well as at the top of the form.

Added an option to hide the Asset information when working with tickets if your company does not use the asset information in WN Help Desk Web. The new variable in the Constant.asp file is varShowAssetListInTicketsInterface.

Added an option to hide the address information for users for companies that do not need to store address info. The new variable in the Constant.asp file for this setting is varShowAddressInfoForUsers.

Mandatory fields are now highlighted in a color specified by the varMandatoryFieldColor and varMandatoryFieldFontColor variables in the Constant.asp file.

Data validation now requires that a date be entered on an assignment for the form to be submitted. Previously, leaving the date field blank would allow the form to post, but the new assignment would not be created.

In the user interface the priority description is now shown along with the priority number.

Form focus is now set to a field when forms requiring input are loaded. Previously, some forms had no field focus requiring a mouse click in a field to begin input.

The Run Query results window can now automatically refresh, similar to how the Main Menu refreshes, by setting the value of seconds between refreshes in the varQueryRefreshSeconds variable in the Constant.asp file. Set this value to 0 to disable the automatic refresh.

Added an option per user to block the user from appearing in the online employee directory. To block a particular user use the View & Edit User Information screen and check the box "User Does Not Appear in Employee Directory".

Added an option per user to prevent the user from changing their password. To block a particular user from changing their password use the View & Edit User Information screen and check the box "User Cannot Change Password".

Added the ability for a technician to add links to the details of a ticket. This new option is enabled by setting the varAllowTechsToAddLinks option to True in the Constant.asp file. The links will be displayed in the tech and user interfaces allowing users to click on those links to visit sites, send e-mail, view files, etc., to assist in helping your users.

8.0.3 - 5/22/2003 Fixed the Solution Description drop-down list on the NewRequest.asp page, which was not populating correctly when using the short entry form.

Fixed an error that could be caused when a technician tried to update a ticket with a solution classification if they did not have permission to edit the closed date and time fields.

On the RequestItem.asp page, the links for editing Problem Category, Solution Class, Asset ID, and Priority now open up a popup window just like the navigation menu does, instead of changing the form focus to a new page.

Added an option to include the link in an e-mail message at the top or bottom of the message.

Added a new field option called to the EMailTemplate.html and EMailTemplate.txt files. This now determines where a link to the item will be placed in an e-mail to a user or technician when clicking on the e-mail icon from the ticket details form.

Added a search option to the KnowledgeBase to filter the KnowledgeBase items based on the keyword entered in the search field.

Added a "check for update" option to the TBD menu.

Added a variable called varMailToHelpDeskIncludesLinkToItem to the file so you can now specify whether a link is included in the e-mail message sent to the help desk notification account when a user creates a new ticket in the user interface. This is separate now from the option to include a link in the automated e-mail that will be sent to the user that created the ticket.

Re-run Last Query now remembers the sort order that was in use.

When a user creates a ticket in the user interface, the e-mail sent to the user who created the ticket, as well as to the help desk and the assigned tech, now includes the reported by and reported for names as well as the e-mail addresses for the reported by and reported for users.

8.0.2 - 3/14/2003 Fixed a problem with the varQueryBaseDistinct variable in the file to correct a query error when sorting by Reported By or Reported For while viewing the list of tickets for a query.

Fixed a problem with the query export function that was causing a recordset error during export.

Fixed a problem with the new request form in the Tech interface that was causing the form to ignore the date and time entered during the first step of the ticket creation process.

Fixed the links for editing user information on the ticket details page. The reported by and reported for user links were both opening the reported for user details.

The technician new ticket entry form can now be used as a single-step entry form, or the longer two-step entry form. The two-step form provides more control for due dates and for assigning an asset during the ticket creation process, while the new single-step entry form makes ticket creation quicker and easier.

Added an option to duplicate a ticket. The main ticket information will be copied to the new ticket. An assignment will be created for the technician that duplicated the ticket and a journal entry will be created to show that the ticket was created by the current technician and that the ticket is a duplicate of another ticket.

Added an option to specify the default sort order when running a query. Before, the default was always the CallTaken field. You can now specify the default in the file.

When sorting queries by reported by or reported for the columns now sort on last name then first name instead of sorting on the unique employee number as in previous versions of the software.

Moved the TBD-specific menu options to a top-level menu instead of being located under the Miscellaneous menu.

Added an option to close any unresolved TBD assignments on a ticket when creating a new assignment for another technician. This basically allows you to "re-assign" a ticket that is assigned to the TBD account in one step.

Added an option to clear the body of an e-mail message so that you can add your own text when sending an e-mail update to a user or technician.

The form used to prompt for information when running a query is now centered on the screen.

When viewing a list of tickets matching a query, if a ticket has a date entered but no time entered for a field (such as Work Started) the date will now be displayed without the time. Likewise, if a time is entered but no date is entered the time will now be displayed. Previously, the date and time had to be entered for the information to be displayed in the query list.

If the application starts up using a fresh backend database some default values will now be created for the ProblemItem, PriorityRatings, and SolutionClassification tables. This is done to prevent errors when using the application when no data has been added to these required tables.

8.0.1 - 1/3/2003 Fixed a minor problem with the custom fields not being centered below the rest of the ticket details when viewing a ticket.

Fixed a problem that would occur when trying to update the Application Options while logged in as the TBD user if an item in the ProblemItems contained an apostrophe (').

The user list for TBD now includes all users, even those marked as Ex-Employee, so that TBD can still update those accounts.

8.0 - 11/15/2002 Why the big jump in version numbers? For some time it has been our goal to make the feature set in WN Help Desk and WN Help Desk Web identical. Since both products now have virtually the exact same feature set, and to keep the versions as well as the required DataConverter and ETG versions in sync, we have decided to bring the application family versions in sync with version 8.0.

Fixed a problem with the Asset Management module that would occur if the AssetID was not a numeric value.

Fixed the Application Options form to actually save the information to the database to be used for future sessions.

Fixed a problem allowing a user to close a ticket by entering the closed date and time even if they didn't have the ability to close open tickets. Also, you cannot enter a closed date and time if there are unresolved assignments on the ticket.

Fixed a problem with the custom request fields not being saved during the creation of a new ticket.

Fixed a problem with deleting a technician account where the assignments were not being reassigned to the TBD user.

Implemented the JournalEntries table which allows for multiple technicians to make multiple journal entries on a single ticket to account for the work they have done and the time they have spent working on the ticket.

Implemented the Assignments table which allows for mutliple technician assignments on the same ticket.

Added an option in the file to specify the default technician assignment for a new ticket. Instead of defaulting to the TBD account, you can have any technician account be the default assignment queue.

Added an option to restrict the way a user can report a ticket for another user. You can now specify that users can only report tickets for themselves, that they can report tickets for any other user with the same OrgCode, or they can report tickets for any user.

Added an autonumbering option for creating new AssetID's.

Added the same autonumbering option for unique employee ID's that exists in the WN Help Desk application.

Added an option to prevent users from changing their OrgCode if they have the permission to view all tickets for users in their OrgCode. This option can be turned on or off in the file.

Added color coding for open and closed tickets in the request list view. This is the listing of tickets that is displayed when you run a query.

Added color coding for overdue tickets in the request list view. Requests with a due date that has already passed will be highlighted in that color.

Fixed a problem that was causing a mail failure error when using the aspEMail control, even if the mail was sent.

Added an option for the TBD user to create Global Queries which are available for any technician. Only the TBD user can edit a Global Query.

Added the option to use some common variables in a Custom Query. You can now replace the currently-logged-in technician with {variable:tech}, the current date with {variable:date} and the current time with {variable:time}. These are in addition to the use of prompts with the {prompt:Prompt Text} option and can be combined with a prompted query. These work well for Global Queries that are available to all technicians when using the {variable:tech} option to make the query work for the current technician.

Included the {prompt} and {variable} options in the data field list in the Custom Query builder for easier insertion into Custom Queries.

The lookup field on the Main Menu of the technician interface can now be used as a keyword search in addition to being used to lookup a specific ticket number.

Fixed the Last Query option so that the application does not prompt for information that has already been entered. So, if you are using a query that asks you to fill in information before running the query you will not be asked for the information again when you use the option to re-run the last query. If you wish to be prompted to fill in the information again you will need to run the saved query that prompts for the information.

The optional background image is now displayed on the User Lookup, Custom Query, Date Pick, Change Password, Change Time Zone, User Online Help, and New User pages.

Added an E-Mail Template file to the root of the application directory that is used to specify the layout of the Subject and Body of e-mail message sent when clicking on the e-mail icons while viewing the details of a ticket. You can customize the fields and text included in the subject and body of the e-mail message by modifying the EMailTemplate.txt file or the EMailTemplate.html file, depending upon whether or not you have the varMailServerUseHTML option in the file set to True or False.

Added a DefaultAssignment field to each ProblemItem so you can specify a technician that receives the assignment by default for each type of ProblemItem. If not filled in then the assignment defaults to the varDefaultAssignTech setting in the file, or the TBD user if the default tech is not assigned. Only the TBD user can login and change the default assignments for each problem item.

Added an option to create a new Journal Entry while resolving the last assignment on a ticket. This is useful when you wish to close a ticket and create a new Journal Entry to account for the work you did to close the ticket at the same time. Previously, you would have had to create the new Journal Entry, then resolve the last assignment.

Added support for the features of the supported ActiveX controls for sending SMTP mail that allow sending as HTML and specifying a username and password when required for authentication to the SMTP server.

When a user creates a ticket and selects a technician other than the TBD user, or when a technician other than TBD is assigned automatically due to a default technician assignment, that technician will now receive an e-mail notification just like the user. For this to work the e-mail functions must be working on the server and the tech must have an e-mail address entered in their user account details.

Added an option to restrict the employee directory from being displayed separately in the user and tech interfaces.

Added an option for the TBD user to login and restrict the OrgCodes that a specific help desk technician is allowed to support. This is useful for a help desk where certain technicians only support certain groups of users. You check the OrgCodes that the technician can support. The technician will then only be able to create tickets for those users in those OrgCodes. Also, a technician will only be able to view ticket details for a ticket where they already have an assignment on the ticket, or where the Reported By or Reported For user is in one of their supported OrgCodes. The employee directory and user lookup forms are also restricted to those users in those selected OrgCodes for technicians that have this option set. When users create a request in the user interface and the option is turned on to allow users to select a technician, they will only see technicians that are not restricted to only supporting certain OrgCodes, as well as technicians that are enabled for supporting their OrgCode. Technicians that are restricted and are not enabled for supporting that particular customers OrgCode will not show in the technician list.

Added an option to allow users to close tickets in the user interface. If this option is enabled a user can close any ticket that they are authorized to view. An e-mail will be sent to the default helpdesk notification account, the ticket will be closed with a resolution of closed by user, and all assignments will be resolved with the note stating the ticket was closed by the user.

3.9 - 2/22/2002 The Asset Management module has been updated to improve performance when accessing a large asset database.

Added the 4 custom fields from the HelpRequests table to the new request form and the request details form. These fields can be turned on optionally in the file. Each field can be shown as either a single-line or multi-line entry field. Also, added a separate option to show these fields in the customer interface for use in creating new tickets.

Fixed a problem causing a login error when attempting to access the KnowledgeBase from the top menu in the User interface.

Added the UserName field to the Custom Query builder.

Added an option to disable the employee directory on the login page. The option to show the employee directory within the application and on the login page are now separate options in the file.

Removed the table border on the Custom Query builder. It had been added for debugging and was meant to be removed before release. The border was causing the buttons to start to go off the bottom of the form.

Moved the administrative options for TBD-only to a submenu on the Miscellaneous menu. Added an option for the TBD user to force a restart of the application, which loads all initial variables as if the application were initially starting. Should not terminate any active user connections, but will reload application-level variables.

Corrected the Browse Field Data option in the Custom Query builder to support Netscape.

Removed two old links from the Main Menu in the tech interface that were for the old MyItems.asp and Unassigned.asp files.

Added the ability to export custom queries to a CSV file from the Custom Query interface.

Fixed a problem with deleting custom queries that contain a single quote in the query name (example: Joe's Tickets).

Enhanced the Startup of the application to provide better error handling in the event of database or registration errors during the initial startup process.

Added the option to set the ReportedBy user when creating a new request in the Technician interface. The value defaults to the current technician, but can be reassigned if you are simply entering a ticket for another user that is reporting a problem for a different user.

Added a button to re-open a closed ticket. This button appears where the Close Ticket button appears on an open ticket. The button simply removes the entry from the Solution Class field and clears the Closed date and time then saves the ticket to the database.

3.8 - 1/1/2002 Fixed an error caused by queries that contained an ORDER BY statement.

The Assigned To list of technicians on a request was not sorting alphabetically. The list is now sorted.

You can now customize which fields are displayed on the RunQuery.asp page by modifying the options in the file.

The OrgCode and Admin fields can now be included in the Custom Query builder. This allows queries to be built to find all tickets for a particular OrgCode or Admin.

The EmployeeNumber, ReportedBy, OrgCode, and AssetID fields now show more detailed information in the Browse Field Data function. Although the query is still built using the field value, the display information includes more useful information such as Last and First Name for the EmployeeNumber and ReportedBy fields.

When a Custom Query fails the validate query option you now see the error message returned by the database. This is useful in determining why the query failed.

The option to show the priority description along with the priority number in the requests list can now be turned on or off in the file.

When a customer creates a new ticket in the user interface for another customer, the e-mail notification is now sent to both customers.

Added an option to toggle between the new Main Menu view to match the WN Help Desk application and the classic view of the older WN Help Desk Web.

The application no longer appends periods to the end of text fields that do not contain punctuation (an annoying feature leftover from older versions.)

Added the option to prompt for information in custom queries. You can use prompts to create re-usable custom queries that can be used to find information for different users, technicians, priorities, date ranges, etc. Some sample prompt queries are now created when creating the sample queries from the select query page.

3.7 - 10/23/2001 Replaced the JavaScript menus with a Java menu component that can cross over form elements without problems. The Java menu also loads quicker and requires less resources than the JavaScript menus.

The ReportedBy field is now active. So, users can now submit a ticket either for themselves or for another user. Also, when they view their tickets they see tickets where they were either the reported-by or reported-for person on the ticket. Also updated the tech pages so that the two fields can be modified.

Request listings now show the description of a priority as well as the priority rating number.

The request listing can now be sorted by any of the column headers by clicking on that column header.

Added a Custom Query builder as exists in the WN Help Desk software. This allows the use of custom queries built in either version to work in either interface. You can view, edit, delete, add, and run custom queries now.

The look of the main menu has been changed to duplicate the same look and feel as found in the WN Help Desk software, providing a more standard interface between the applications.

Asset Management and Database Options are now in a popup window.

3.6 - 8/11/2001 Fixed the KnowledgeBase so that extremely large listings on the left-side of the window will not scroll back to the top each time an item is selected.

Fixed a problem causing new tickets to automatically be created with a TimeSpent of zero. This was causing the close ticket function to not calculate the hours open on the ticket since the field already contained a value.

Fixed a problem with the KnowledgeBase that was causing records not to show correctly when using an SQL backend database.

Fixed a Netscape JavaScript problem with the View & Edit User Information feature.

Added support for aspEMail ActiveX control.

Added an option to allow users to create their own new accounts from the Login screen.

When adding assets in the Asset Management module the form continues to add new assets now, instead of returning to the asset list. Since the asset list can be slow to load for large asset databases this speeds up the function of adding new assets, as you can always return to the form to manage assets by selecting the menu item for that function.

Added an option to allow users to cache their username and password so it does not have to be re-typed at the login screen every time.

Added an option to allow users to report an asset when submitting a new request. If the asset is assigned to the user, or marked as public, it will be available when creating the new request. This option can be enabled or disabled by changing the setting in the file.

Added an option to display additional login text below the username and password box on the login page. If the option to allow users to remember their username and password is enabled then the text will appear just below that checkbox and text.

When updating a ticket a message box is displayed confirming that the ticket information has been updated. This message box is now an option that can be enabled to disabled in the file.

The Further Info field is now optional and not required for the user or the tech to create a ticket.

Added an AutoLogin feature. If the AutoLogin variable is enabled the application will attempt to log the user in first checking the AUTH_USER variable to see if the browser authentication has already been set. If that is not set it will check to see if a Session("UserName") variable has already been set by some other means. If either of those are set the application redirects to the new AutoLogin.asp page to fill in any remaining information that has not already been set. See the AutoLogin.asp page for options on using this feature and for a list of optional session variables that can be set.

Added the four custom fields from the Assets table to the Asset Management form. The labels for these fields can be modified by changing the text in the file. The fields are optional text fields that can be used to store proprietary asset information.

Added a database troubleshooting page to answer the most common questions asked when having trouble with the database environment. Previous versions redirected to a page that stated your database needs to be updated to the most-recent format. However, any database error could cause the browser to redirect to that page during login. The most-common database configuration problems are now explained on that page, which attempts to guide you through troubleshooting common configuration problems.

3.5.1 - 3/9/2001 Fixed the KnowledgeBase left and right panes so they now show scrollbars if the information does not fit entirely in the pane.

Fixed the due date and due time calculation on a new request. Previously, the due date and due time were being calculated initially based on the time on the server. This is now adjusted for the time zone of the currently-logged-in technician so that the due date and due time are appropriate for the time zone that you are in.

Fixed a problem that caused the username to still include the Domain name when using NT authentication if the user entered their username as "Domain\Username". The Domain and slash are now removed.

Fixed a problem with the KnowledgeBase not displaying correctly under Netscape if the ProblemItem categorizing the KnowledgeBase item contained a space.

Fixed a problem with the user lookup form under Netscape that caused an error when the information being returned contained spaces.

Fixed a problem in the Database Options forms that would occur if the value being edited contained single quotes. The JavaScript routines have been updated to use full quotes around the values for that page.

Fixed a problem with the request list in the User interface that would cause the ticket details to not be displayed correctly with an error being returned from the server.

Added the option to set the default highlight color to the file. This color is used for pages that do not use the sytlesheet file, such as the JavaScript menus, the about box, etc.

Added the server time zone setting after times that are included in e-mail updates since the customer may not be in the same time zone and the times may not appear to be correct for them.

3.5 - 2/15/2001 Semi-major release! No change to the data format from version 3.0. However, this represents a major improvement in the application.

Employee directory is now a popup window, and is available from the login screen, the user interface, and the technician interface.

Change password function is now a popup window.

Forms for adding users and editing user information are now in a popup window.

Forms for working with help desk technicians are now in a popup window.

Added the ability to delete an asset.

Added support for aspSmartMail, a free ActiveX control for sending mail from an ASP application.

Added support for aspMail.

The JavaScript menus are now activated by a click, instead of on the MouseOver event. This makes the menu function more like a standard windows menu and prevents the menu from opening by simply moving the mouse over the menu.

Several of the multi-step pages have been combined into single ASP pages. This reduces the overall amount of ASP pages needed and makes issuing fixes to specific modules much easier in the future.

The application is now more Mac-friendly using the Macintosh version of IE.

Fixed a problem that was causing systems running non-US date formats to not correctly display all tickets when selecting the Show All Dates option from a query.

Fixed a problem that caused an error when a technician without the permissions to modify database information attempted to open the Database menu.

Added the ability for a help desk technician to use the user interface. This allows a help desk technician to also be able to log tickets for themselves and track the progress of the tickets where they are the person reporting the problem and not the person solving the problem.

Fixed a problem that could be caused by a KnowledgeBase article containing HTML or JavaScript in the contents of the article. The information is now HTMLEncoded to prevent this from occuring.

Added a "Printable View" option for the technician to be able to print the ticket.

Corrected a problem with the Further Information field not being included in the e-mail updates.

Added an option to disable the ability for a user to change their password.

Added some dynamic styles to prevent the JavaScript menus from "hiding" behind form items. The form items causing the problems are now hidden while the menu is active.

Added the ability to send e-mail updates to multiple-recipients by using a semi-colon (;) to separate the recipients.

Included all dates and times, and added more sorting options, to the query results list.

Added the option to use NT authentication instead of integrated login.

Added the option to display dates and times in an offset from the time on the server. The server time zone is set in the file, along with a default time zone for users using this feature for the first time. The user can then adjust the time zone from the main menu and any dates and times will be displayed in their time zone. The HoursTilDue is also calculated based on the date and time in their time zone so that the business day rules apply for their local time instead of the time on the server. The time zone list can be customized following the rules listed in the main menu code so that you can setup the location list to be specific to your company.

Modified the main menu to include the count of records for the currently-logged-in technician and for the TBD account next to those menu items instead of at the bottom of the menu. Also, moved the Find Ticket ID field into the main menu reducing the amount of screen space needed to display the entire main menu.

When a ticket is updated and the Work Started date is not filled in the date and time are now automatically filled in with the current date and time.

3.0 - 6/29/2000 Added the ability to use a Microsoft SQL backend database.

Corrected an error that would occur when a technician did not have permission to modify the help desk options and the mouse was moved over the Database menu item.

Corrected a problem that would cause an error when more than 75 characters were entered in the Short Description field of a new ticket. The field length has been increased to 255 characters and the form now limits the input to 255 characters.

Added the option to send mail using an Exchange Server, even if the Exchange Server is running on a remote server, by using the CDOMail control.

Added the "Rerun Last Query" option back into the software.

2.1 - 11/12/1999 E-Mail - When sending a status e-mail or a closed ticket e-mail, the user's name is now included in the body of the message. You can now also send an e-mail to the user directly after creating a ticket. There is also an option to send an e-mail to the technician assigned to the ticket. Another new e-mail option automatically sends a confirmation message to the user after they create a new ticket using the web interface. Also, another option has been added to automatically generate an e-mail message for the technician when the assigned technician changes. Also added an option to disable the ability to modify the default From address used when generating e-mail messages.

Advanced Query - Added more query options. You can now search by Org Code. Also, corrected a problem when ordering by Org Code so that the name of the Org Code is now being displayed instead of the internal code name.

Directory - Removed the TBD and Ex-Employee users from the Directory page.

Login Problem - Corrected a problem preventing users with an apostrophe in their username from logging in.

Security Fix - Corrected a problem that allowed a technician to edit user info from the ticket details page, even if that option was disabled from any of the other menus.

Automated Login - Added the ability to automatically login by passing the Username and Password to the Authenticate.asp page. To use this feature simply add the options to the end of the page name (i.e. Authenticate.asp?Username=johndoe&Password=123456.) You can then bookmark that link or create a desktop shortcut to allow a user to login without typing their username and password.

Changed the text on the "Reassign to" button to "Reassign user" to help eliminate confusion between the assigned technician and the user that the ticket is for.

Included the user's phone number and location on the ticket details page with the user's name.

International Dates - Added more date format support. You can now use any of 8 different date formats. The following formats are all valid for December 31, 1999; 12/31/99, 12/31/1999, 31/12/99, 31/12/1999, 99/12/31, 1999/12/13, 99/31/12, 1999/31/12. Also you can now use a '/', '-', or '.' as the date separator.

Logo Link - There is now an option to use the optional logo at the top of the page as a link. You can specify the URL for the link and the mouseover text that is displayed when a user holds their mouse over the logo.

Documented File - The option file now includes a description of each of the options. This should help assist with the customization of the features of WN Help Desk Web.

2.0 - 6/28/1999 Asset Management - Track information about assets. This can be any equipment that you wish to include in your support system such as computers, monitors, phones, furniture; whatever you track in your industry. Assets can be associated with an individual user and can also be counted as public assets, available to any user. When creating a new help request you can select the asset items that are associated with the customer you are taking the request for, as well as any assets that are considered public. This will allow you to not only track requests based on the customer, but also on the individual equipment the customer is reporting the request for.

Knowledge Base - You can now build a knowledge base using the information stored in your help requests. By marking the request as a 'Common Problem and Solution,' you can add the information from the request to your knowledge base. Using the knowledge base technicians, can look for previous requests that may hold the solution to the request they are currently working on. Some uses of the knowledge base could be:
  • Software Install Instructions
  • Troubleshooting Common Problems
  • Policies and Procedures

Custom Work Schedule - In the previous version of WN Help Desk, the hours that a request was open can be automatically calculated when the request is closed. However, those hours are based on the difference in hours between the time the request was open and the time the request is being closed. The only option was whether or not to include weekends when calculating the time. The new version allows you to specify which days of the week are considered work days and what the work hours are. Also, there is a table that holds exclusion dates which can be used to keep track of holidays. When closing a request, the hours open is now calculated as the time between when the request was open and when the request is being closed, including all work hours in between the two times and excluding non-work days and holidays.

Due Dates Based on Priority (SLA's, Service Level Agreements) - The new version will allow different priority levels to have different due times. By specifying the 'hours til due' for a priority new requests created with that priority will now be assigned a due date and due time based on the time the request was created. This will allow you to track your performance on your service level agreements with your customers. For example, a priority 1 request may be due in 4 hours, a priority 2 request in 8 hours, and a project request may not have a due date.

Enhanced Security - This version of the software also includes more security options for each help desk technician. These new features will allow you to specify which fields on an open request that a help desk technician can modify, whether a technician can modify a request that has been closed, etc.

Custom User Fields - Added nine custom fields for storing additional information about your customers.

Enhanced Ticket Numbering - In previous versions, ticket numbers were generated based on either the count of tickets in the database, or on the AutoNumbered ID created by Access. In this version there is now a table for holding the Ticket Number. When a new request is created the ticket number from the table is used, then the number is incremented by 1 and stored back in the table. This allows greater flexibility in generating ticket numbers. The number can be reset at any time.

Data File Redesigned - The data file used for both WN Help Desk and WN Help Desk Web has been redesigned for portability to other database servers. All spaces have been removed from table and field names. The data file can now be easily ported to SQL Server and the System DSN for the WN Help Desk Web application can be modified to point to the SQL Server.

Close Ticket Button - Added a Close Ticket button to the request form. This function calculates the Hours Spent on the request based on the work schedule that has been established. Also, with the E-Mail option enabled this will generate an E-Mail for the user.

SMTP Mail Support - Added support for 2 main SMTP applications. You can either configure the built-in Microsoft SMTP service that is part of Microsoft Internet Information Server, or you can use the shareware application SimpleMail by Adiscon GmbH. The SimpleMail application is much easier to configure that the Microsoft SMTP service. Simply download the application from the Adiscon website, move the file SimpleMail.dll to the System32 directory, and run the install.bat file. The only other required step to configure the SimpleMail service is to modify the varMailServer variable in the file to reference your SMTP server. This can either be the IP address of the server or a DNS name for the server. The application will first attempt to send via the Microsoft SMTP service. If that service is not installed, then it will try and send via the SimpleMail service. If both fail, then a message is displayed that the SMTP services are not configured on the server. If a send is succesfull, a Mail Sent message is displayed.

Employee Directory - Added an optional Employee Directory to the login page. Clicking on the Employee Directory will allow visitors to your site to view your directory information. This option can be enabled or disabled by a setting in the file.

Query Count - Included a count of requests displayed when running a query to display requests.

Open Requests Stats - Included a status on the Main Menu of how many open requests the currently-logged-in technician has, as well as how many open requests are assigned to the TBD (To Be Decided) account. This page automatically refreshes at an interval specified by an option in the file.

New Request Alert - Added an alert message from the Main Menu when the count of open requests displayed on the Main Menu increases. This will alert the technician that a new request has been assigned.

JavaScript Menus - Menus are now available at the top of every page. This allows for greater navigation within the application. The menu code is provided using the free Netscape menu.js file for enhanced compatibility with both Internet Explorer and Netscape. Menus are available for both the user and tech versions. Menus can be turned on or off using an option in the file.

More linking Between Functions - More linking has been added between functions for ease of use. For example, when viewing a list of requests or when viewing a request item, you can click on the username to edit the details for that user. Also, many functions record where they came from to return back to the original location. For example, when viewing the details of a request you can click on the Mail icon next to the username to send a message to the user. Once the message has been sent the application automatically returns to the request details page. Watch for more of these features in future versions of the software!

Option to delete users and technicians - This version of the software now has the ability to delete user accounts and technician accounts. To delete a technician, choose the Help Desk Staff Information option, select the technician to bring up the account details, then click the Delete Technician button. You will then be prompted to confirm the deletion. After confirming the deletion the account will be deleted. To delete a user account, choose the View and Edit User Information option, select the user and bring up their account information, then click the Delete User button. Again, after confirming the deletion the account will be deleted. Any requests that were associated with that user will be reassociated with the Ex-Employee user account and a note will be made in the ticket that the user account was deleted and what the user's name was.

Optional user list details - The ability to view the additional user details in the drop-down user lists is now an option. For very large user lists, this can increase the time needed to load the page. The detailed user lists can be turned on or off with an option in the file.

Noted New Text and Variables - For customers that have modified the file to change text labels or application settings, the new file now shows which items are new to this version. Also, a difference file will be available from the WN Help Desk Web area of the Registered Users site. The difference file will contain only the new text labels and variables from this version.

1.5 - 2/5/1999 Many customers were having problems with the EnCrypt2.ocx ActiveX control not registering on their system. I had contacted the vendor, but did not receive much assistance. In this version of the software the control has been removed. Password encryption is now handled by a very strong one-way hash encryption routine that has no unencrypt function available.

Added an option to search for a request by Ticket Number directly from the Main Menu of the technician interface.

When viewing details on a request, there is now an option to re-run the previous query. This allows you to go back to the last query without first going to the Main Menu and performing the same query again.

The Ticket Number is now displayed for the technician after submitting a new request.

Fixed a problem in the code that was preventing the addition of a new technician through the web interface.

Added an option from the Main Menu to view unassigned requests (i.e. requests that are assigned to the TBD account.)

Added an option to the query page that allows you to specify the sort order for the query.

1.4 - 1/13/1999 Corrected a problem causing some of the list boxes to always fill with the first name in the list.

Fixed a problem causing tickets that are assigned to a technician not to show up when using the My Open option from the Main Menu.

Added the Priority field to the ticket list and sorted the list by Priority then by Date Opened.

Corrected a problem with the help desk technician security options not functioning correctly on some user's systems. This was due to an old database updater program that converted the field that stores that information to the wrong data type. A new updater has been included which corrects this problem.

1.3 - 1/7/1999 Added many code changes to support the JavaScript differences between IE and Netscape. Although the navigation and online help features now work under Netscape, they do not allow you to use the Back button in the browser to go back to the previous page. For the best performance, it is still recommended that you use IE to navigate the application.

Corrected problems with the information in the drop down lists not filling in correctly under Netscape.

Added the option to add a new user from the log new help request page.

Added a new option (set in the file) to remove the password requirements for logging in. This option can be set independantly for either the users or the technicians.

1.2 - 12/22/1998 Removed the DateValue function from the new request post. This function was not supported on some configurations of IIS and caused an ASP error. The function has since been removed and only the Date function is now used.

Added the Online Help feature for the user version of the software. The help file can be customized to provide specific information for your site.

Added the ability to delete a ticket from the help desk system.

1.1 - 12/15/1998 Moved all the Custom Style Sheet formatting to the same style sheet to reduce the need to maintain multiple style sheets.

Added the ability to set a background image to the site using the style sheet.

Added an option to display an image file at the top of the page. The file can either be left-, center-, or right-justified and can be enabled or disabled for the Client version and the Technician version independently.

1.0 - 11/30/1998 Initial release to demonstrate new features and elicit customer feedback.