WN Help Desk 13 Preview

A preview release of WN Help Desk 13 is now available for download. This new version of WN Help Desk is built entirely in C# using the new Blazor WebAssembly (WASM) technology from Microsoft to run C# code natively in the browser. Blazor WASM working using any modern web browser that supports WebAssembly. While this eliminates the ability to use the older Internet Explorer browser, all modern browsers support this new technology. This includes Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome (including on Android), and Safari (including on iOS).

Why a Preview Release?

Microsoft has currently only released a preview of Blazor WASM. While this does seem very stable and is running on the latest .NET Core 3.1, the official release for Blazor WASM is not expected until May of 2020. So, while we are comfortable with the stability of this preview software, until Microsoft offers official support for Blazor WASM we will only be releasing preview versions of WN Help Desk 13.


This version is not backwards-compatible with previous versions. When evaluating version 13 make sure to do so with a COPY of your SQL database, not with your live production data. The database will be updated to a format that will no longer work with the older versions of the software. Many of the new enhancements made to the software required significant changes to the schema of the database. The database will be converted automatically by this new instance of the software. If you wish to test with your current data make a copy of the SQL database first and test against that copy. Or, start the software with no database configuration and setup an entirely new database for testing.

While the preview release is fully ready for testing, some features are still not working due to issues with the current preview release of Blazor WASM. The most noted missing feature is the SignalR notifications when other users make changes. So, for now things are not updating in the interface when another user makes a change. Once this feature is working you will find that the list of tickets will refresh automatically when a ticket is added or updated that matches the current filter view. Also, changes made to a help request by other users will automatically be updated across all browsers viewing that request. And, changes made to settings in the application will automatically be pushed out to all connected clients. As soon as this feature is working a new preview release will be made available.


This new version runs under .NET Core 3.1. You will need to make sure the computer running the IIS application has the .NET Core Hosting Bundle installed. Visit the following Microsoft page for details and the download like for the bundle:



Use the following link to download the preview release of WN Help Desk 13:


Additional Resources

WN Help Desk Client NuGet Package

A new NuGet client is now available to more easily consume the RESTful WebAPI endpoints that are available in WN Help Desk. This will allow for much easier customizations and integrations built around WN Help Desk.

Stand-Alone Active Directory Import Tool

A new command-line Active Directory Import Tool is now available with this version. Go to the AD Import Tool page for details.

Contact Us

If you have any issues while evaluating the software, any suggesions, or any feedback, please contact support@wickett.net.