Wickett.NET Mobile

WN MailKeeper

The Problem:

Your users are accumulating a large amount of saved mail in their Exchange Mailbox or in Personal Folders. You want to archive that information to a CD-ROM so the user can reference the information without consuming network storage space, but a PST (Personal Folders File) cannot be opened from a read-only source. You would have to copy the PST file to their local hard drive to add it to their Outlook profile.

The Solution:

WN MailKeeper will convert the information in an Exchange Mailbox or a Personal Folders File (PST) to individual Outlook messages, maintaining the folder format. The entire mail archive can then be written to a CD-ROM or other media for backup. Messages can be opened directly from the backup and will still contain the original formatting and any attachments. Also, due to the way that Outlook maintains the information within a message file the location can be searched to find information that exists in the subject or body of the message.