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WN Help Desk Web 12.0 is now available for download. This is a complete re-write of the application. Click here for more details.

WN Help Desk Web

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WN Help Desk Web is a shareware web-based help desk application that runs under Microsoft IIS. WN Help Desk Web Standard uses only a Microsoft Access backend database, while WN Help Desk Web Enterprise can use either an Access backend or a Microsoft SQL Server backend. WN Help Desk Web allows your customers and technicians access to the help desk from any browser.

WN MailKeeper

WN MailKeeper Home - Downloads - Ordering - FAQ - Version History
WN MailKeeper will convert the information in an Exchange Mailbox or a Personal Folders File (PST) to individual Outlook messages, maintaining the folder format. The entire mail archive can then be written to a CD-ROM or other media for backup. Messages can be opened directly from the backup and will still contain the original formatting and any attachments. Also, due to the way that Outlook maintains the information within a message file the location can be searched to find information that exists in the subject or body of the message.

Ministry Manager

Ministry Manager is a complete web-based solution for managing all aspects of church worship. Schedule events, select songs for an event, specify the key and order of the songs, print out lead sheets in any key, import SongSelect files downloaded from CCLI, and much, much more.


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